Is your case going to trial?

If so, you need trial lawyers and a trial firm. All trial lawyers are litigators, but not all litigators are trial lawyers. Through no fault of their own many excellent litigators have little to no actual jury trial experience.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Well over 90% of all cases settle before trial. And the number of civil jury trials across the country continues to dwindle each year.  However, Federal Courts in Texas, especially in the Eastern and Western Districts, are a different story.  

The percentage of cases that go through a jury trial are much higher than most other Districts.  That has given the team at Findlay Craft the privilege and opportunity to lead and assist in dozens of high stake jury trials over the past 20 + years.  We know how to prepare, what to expect, and how to win.  From mock trials to closing arguments, and all the preparation in between, i.e., exhibits, depo designations, jury instructions, juror questionnaires and much more; you need an experienced partner at your side.  Someone that has done it over and over.  If not with us, with someone similarly experienced.  Will it guarantee a win?  No.  Does it guarantee you and/or your client will be in a better position and better prepared to win?  Yes.

If you need that sort of a partner, contact us today.