Blog - When Should You Hire an Attorney?

By Findlay Craft
Friday, July 12, 2019

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When deciding if you should hire an attorney, ask yourself two questions: 1) what is the complexity of the legal matter? And, 2) based on the complexity, can you handle it on your own, or would an attorney make things simpler? You can seek legal advice for a host of reasons, from criminal charges to personal injury claims, and business disputes of all shapes and sizes. Hiring an attorney is essential when your life, or someone else’s, has been jeopardized by bodily injury; if you could face jail time; if you or your business could lose money if a contract is improperly executed - or you may feel that you are simply in over your head! If an attorney is on the other side of your matter, a consultation can help you decide if having an attorney to advocate for your position would be valuable.

Reach out and one of our attorneys will be happy to talk to you. The first consultation is free. We are here to help.

Findlay Craft