Patent Litigation

If you’re reading this, your company or your client has likely been sued for patent infringement in Texas and you’re wondering whom you should contact to help with the case. Patent cases sometimes present an existential threat to a product, a service line, or to an entire company itself. However, many times patent cases are more akin to a “reality of doing business” nuisance, admittedly to varying degrees depending upon the claims. For those latter cases, Findlay Craft’s Early Case Action Program can minimize the nuisance to your company or client, and reduce the expenses involved. We offer experienced representation by counsel who know this District, who have appeared in well over 500 patent cases in the District, and who have taken dozens of cases to trial. Excellent representation that is delivered at 30-50% less cost than a traditional “national firm.” If this sounds like the representation you need please contact us for more information.

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